Discipline your mind and body. Learn extraordinary self-defense. Gain confidence, leadership ability and more. This special class emphasizes proven hand-to-hand combat techniques designed to control and quickly incapacitate an attacker. Training is steady and vigorous, building a very strong physical capacity and a firm foundation for self-defense.

Director/Master: Lee Lera

We teach:

• Self Defense

• Self Confidence

• Self Discipline

• Muscle Tone

• Coordination

• Stress Relief

• Endurance

Assistant Instructors:

Sifu Chris Lee Lera

Sifu Robert Primm

Sifu Frank Gonzalez

Sifu Chewy Fregoso

Sifu Steven Lane

Sifu Chris Lane

Sifu Brenda Kulowiyi

3716 N. Cicero Ave

Chicago IL 60641

Over 30 Years of Teaching Experience

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